Hazelnut Butter Crêpes + Maple Cinnamon Roasted Apples

Autumn Breakfast + Brunch Dessert Recipes Refined Sugar Free

Nutty and toasty hazelnut butter adds a flavour reminiscent of browned butter to these vegan crêpes — topped with maple cinnamon roasted apples, extra hazelnut butter and perhaps a little coconut yoghurt or whipped coconut cream, these crêpes are perfect served as a special weekend breakfast or as a beautiful Autumn dessert.



Ok so, let me preface this post with a promise: I had a bit of a bad time with the photos in this one… at least with some of the photos, important ones. My overhead shots of the crêpes that give you all those delicious crêpe-y details were blah. I couldn't save them, no matter how hard I tried. The other photos I reallllly like though, and I'm excited about the recipe and don't want to put it off for another week, so I'm posting this one with what I have and I'll hopefully reshoot soon — this weekend if I'm lucky — and add more pretty crêpe photos. Anywho, I won't be sad about it any longer!


How is everyone? Has the weather been kind this March? Or are the blizzards and heat waves still in full force? Currently in the land of Aus, Cyclone Debbie has been hitting Queensland hard, but it's pretty mild where I am. Kind of humid, and it's been relatively hot most days, but I think it's apple weather fo sure. Just look at these pretty apples! With their little curling leaves still attached, and their blushing skins mottled shades of red, pink and yellow. So gorgeous.


Autumn produce is the most beautiful isn't it?! I think it's why I love the season best — apples, figs, persimmon, pumpkin, plums, the beginnings of the citrus. There's such cosiness in their colours; they make me want to rug up with huge blankets whilst wrapping my hands around a steaming mug of hot chocolate, replete with marshmallows and all of the cinnamon and then dive into a deep bowl of apple crumble; they make me want to break out my knits and onesies… but, living where I do does not allow for such picture perfect transitioning of the seasons — it's a little more black and white here. Still, I can feel a changing in the air.


The farmer's market this weekend was filled with all kinds of seasonal offerings — the figs dared me to buy them all, and four of the squishy persimmons came home with me wrapped in newspaper (with an extra one thrown in by the farmer for good measure). A huge pumpkin is currently sitting on my table, replacing the usual flowers with a kind of vegetable grandeur. Apples with their little leaves still attached, like the ones pictured here, sit upon a platter next to the pumpkin; though admittedly their numbers are dwindling quickly as I can't resist them when they look so perfect.


Oh! And, I found my first pomegranate of the season! I was running low on $$$ so could only afford to buy one with my scraped up market change, but I'm excited! And next week I'll be sure to take more money along so I can take all of the Autumnal goodness home with me.

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