Salted Chocolate Pecan + Pumpkin Babkallah

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{vegan} Salted Chocolate Pecan Pumpkin Babkallah | The Floured Kitchen

Babkallah! A babka-challah hybrid, stealing the best characteristics of both to create a beautiful chocolate-swirled braided loaf. Pumpkin puree added to the dough gives it a bright orange hue, a sweet earthy flavour and extra pillowy-ness. Studded with pecans and cinnamon sugar and topped with a flurry of flaky sea salt, this bread is the best of both babka-challah worlds! It's what cosy Autumn dreams are made of.



So I'm pretty sure I just riffed on both the Hannah Montana and the Lizzie McGuire movie theme songs in the above description without intentionally doing so… I could change it. But I won't. I now have Hilary Duff's 'this is what dreams are made of' song playing on repeat in my head and I won't deny others that joy.  If you hate the catchy perkiness of the tune and now I've firmly implanted it in your brain for a day or two – please accept my apology.


I must have 90's / 000's Disney shows in my head?! I probably always have those shows swirling around up there, they took up a large chunk of my early – late childhood and teenagerdom. Though I have been thinking of my past self almost obsessively in the last few weeks which is probably where this is stemming from. Or maybe it's just from one of those 90's childhood buzzfeed posts that I can't help but click on EVERY TIME. Who knows.


Either way, I have been in a very nostalgic place recently. I've been too think-y. Too stuck in the past. Thinking of all the dreams I had. The excitement for life, the joy, the fears, the hurt, the wins and fails, and the hope of it all. All of it tied up with the profound belief I had that I would be something someday. Something, somebody of importance. Somebody who mattered. I suppose every kid, everywhere has this idea. This idea of greatness.


We're told we can be anything, do anything, and we believe it. We believe it and we drink it in with all of our beautiful childish hope and wonder. And although this is true in a sense, we're rarely prepared for how to deal with the banal realities of life. For having things be out of our control and having to deal with the unplanned. For the surprises and accidents, the twists and turns, the missteps and the unknown variables. Who can prepare someone for that really?

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