Black Bean Tacos with Persimmon Salsa + Lime Crema

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Warm corn tortillas are filled with spiced black beans, a sweet seasonal salsa of persimmon and coriander, avocado slices and topped with a vegan lime cashew crema in these fresh tasting tacos. Serve on their own as a quick-ish weeknight meal or as part of a larger Mexican spread!


Tacos! One of my all-time favourite foods. Actually, give me anything Mexican and I'll be happy, especially when it's all wrapped up in some kind of soft floury thing. Tacos. Enchiladas. Burritos… I doubt there's a person in the world who could say honestly that they dislike them. Or perhaps I just have an incredibly high opinion of them. As well I should.


I'm currently sitting here eating the rest of my tacos and worrying over all the things as per usual. My favourite least favourite past-time. And typing away in between mouthfuls of earthy spiced beans, sweet fresh and tangy persimmon salsa, avocado, creamy lime cashew crema and warm corn tortilla.


Yep, tacos definitely make everything brighter. And persimmons! Fuyu persimmons, the non-astringent variety (i.e. you can eat them when they are hard like an apple, without a horrible horrible assault on your poor tastebuds). The last of the season, or so said the farmer last weekend at the markets.


I've bought a few bags of persimmons week after week this Autumn, but this is the first time I've actually done something with them other than just munching on them when they were threatening to enter into their mushy phase of being, like the hachiya variety of persimmon (astringent – must be eaten when completely, and I mean completely, soft).


I really love persimmons. They taste like spice. Like nutmeg and cinnamon and clove. And a bit like pumpkin, but sweet and fruity with a pleasing crunch. Needless to say they are perfect for Autumnal cooking and baking, nature has a brilliant way of providing us with what we need and crave in any given season!

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