I'm Bek, a food obsessed baker and home cook, chocolate lover, coffee addict and cookbook hoarder. I am stupidly into superhero tv shows and movies and I think that language is pure magic. I live in the sunny, beachy city of Newcastle, Australia with my other half Chris and our two crazy cats Evie & Leo.


I graduated from Newcastle University in 2014 as a Speech Pathologist, and then decided to take a complete 180 and focus my efforts on my true passions – cooking, baking and creating plant-based recipes. It was during my four years at Uni that I discovered cooking, and fell in love with baking and all things floury; in exam periods I could often be found in the kitchen at midnight, covered in flour, baking a cake or a tray of brownies instead of studying. Procrastibaking was (and is) my jam.




the blog

I started The Floured Kitchen to share my recipes, whether they be original, adapted or found from my mountains of cookbooks. Here you will find plant-based recipes made with seasonal produce and more often than not a whole lot of flour. I can think of nothing more homey and perfect than the smell of yeasty cinnamon roll dough rising in a bowl on the counter, a fruit pie sizzling as it's pulled from the oven, a slow afternoon spent baking a pan of olive-oily rosemary focaccia to be eaten alongside a hearty dinner.


There's just something about floured things, whether they be sweet or savoury, that brings me comfort and sparks my little flame of creativity.  And so, flour is what my recipes will always revolve around.


While baking, desserts and all things floury are my true loves, you will find other recipes here too, recipes for seasonal, fulfilling meals with a plant-based twist. My aim here is provide you, vegan or not, with delicious plant-based recipes that do not sacrifice on taste. Food that you can happily eat and feed to others without that attitude of 'it's ok for vegan food' attached to it. Food that you, and your family and friends simply want to eat. Food that I want to eat.


I want the world to know that vegan food does not have to be boring or tasteless, it can just be good food. Good food that does not harm the environment, animals or our bodies to the same extent that food containing animal products does.


food philosophy

I want my food to be satisfying, first and foremost. I do not believe in any one ingredient/food group being evil in terms of health; I prefer a balanced diet, meaning having my kale and my brownies too! Though I firmly believe in whole and natural foods, I will still often use white flour, refined sugar and other less than healthy ingredients in my recipes when I think it necessary for the best flavour and texture – flavour always wins out for me, though I always have one eye on the nutritional aspect of my food.


I do avoid commercially processed foods and preservatives and try to cook with organic, local products as much as I can; these types of products generally taste a whole lot better and produce a far more flavourful final dish, not to mention being healthier and kinder to the environment.


On a Sunday morning you can find me at the local farmer's market, hunting down seasonal produce to use throughout the week: sweet, squishy tomatoes and crimson cherries in January; figs, pumpkin and persimmon in April; a colourful array of root vegetables in the Winter, and bunches of the slimmest spears of asparagus or fresh baby peas in their pods in November. The freshest and best tasting produce is always local.


on being vegan

You won't find any dairy, eggs or meat in my house, I choose not to cook with or eat these products and prefer to use plant-based ingredients for ethical and environmental reasons (the health benefits are just a bonus!). After learning some hard truths about the animal agriculture industry (from both a cruelty & environmental point of view) and realising that it is all entirely unnecessary for us lucky few living in 1st world countries, with such abundance and easy access to things like legumes, grains, nuts, fresh fruit & vegetables etc., I decided that I could not justify eating animal products any longer.


It seemed like a hard choice at the time, now it seems like a no-brainer. It's not a choice anymore. It's just regular life, I couldn't imagine it any other way (nor do I want to).  My body also thanks me for this choice everyday. My digestive problems caused by lactose intolerance are history, I rarely suffer from reflux anymore (it used to be triggered by all manner of animal products) and I am no longer bunkered down with colds & flus multiple times a year. Weight management also became a whole lot easier. It's the best choice I've made in my 24 years of life, and now I have the fun challenge of converting all of my well loved non-vegan recipes into the best vegan versions of themselves…that I have the joy of sharing with you here on my blog!



I hope you love the recipes that come out of my Floured Kitchen; if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email, I do my best to answer all questions and would love to hear from you!



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    02.05.17 at 6:06 am

    LOVE your blog! I am so making these porto-burgers with cheese! Not sure why you deep-fried them, which is way unhealthier than eating meat. Just wondering…thanks for cool recipes! God Bless!

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      Bek | The Floured Kitchen
      02.05.17 at 8:55 pm

      Thank you Stu! Hope you love the burgers if you make them! I'm sure baking them with a little olive oil / coconut oil at about 220 celsius / 430 fahrenheit should get them pretty crispy if you'd rather not fry. Deep frying is definitely not healthy, I 100% agree. I personally don't mind having fried things as an occasional treat, as I avoid meat for ethical reasons rather than health reasons. It's definitely not something I eat often though. Thank you for the comment! :)

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